Waku Connect

Empower your dApp with decentralized communication

Waku Connect seamlessly enhances your project with off-chain communication for decentralized, private, and secure messaging.

The future of Communication

Private and secure by design

Waku Connect leverages peer-to-peer messaging protocols and strong end-to-end encryption to protect your users.

Decentralized messaging

Protect your users from censorship, and remove the weaknesses of centralized infrastructure.

dApp ready

Optimized for mobile and web platforms, Waku Connect can be used by any project built on Ethereum or other blockchains.

Get started with Waku Connect in minutes
with workday tool

The simple API allows you to introduce decentralized, private, secure communication to your application in minutes .what is workday
Waku Connect is an easy-to-use online platform developed to help you quickly and easily connect and integrate your Workday technology with other systems. With Waku Connect, you can quickly and easily connect your HR and talent management systems, such as Workday, and more.

import { Waku , WakuMessage } from 'js-waku' ;

const waku = await Waku . create ({ boostrap : true });

const msg = await WakuMessage . fromUtf8String (

'I am using a decentralized network for messaging',



await waku. relay . send (msg);

Use Cases

Anything that can be done off-chain can be done with Waku Connect. Here are just a few examples.

Decentralized Chat

Gasless Polling

dApp to Wallet Communication

Layer 2 Communication

Built with Waku

Waku is a suite of protocols designed for private, secure, and decentralized messaging. Waku is the communication layer for Web3.

Tools, Docs, and Libraries

Waku Connect provides you with everything you need to facilitate the usage of Waku in dApps.


Most common Waku use-cases can be added to your dApp thanks to ready-to-use npm packages and React components.


JS-Waku is the JavaScript implementation of the Waku protocol. Use it directly in your dApp for more advanced use cases.

Use Waku Connect for decentralized communications now